The summer festival is in full swing from spring to autumn. Every day begins afresh with the first cup of tea or coffee in the clear morning light and flows, in the best of all worlds, into a fabulous party under the stars. Whether a large gathering or tea for two, the garden offers atmospheric settings for every occasion – complete with the matching accoutrements.

Favourite spots change with the time of day and position of the sun. How obliging that some chairs fold up so easily and follow the light or shade, personal inclinations or the desire for change – whenever it pleases you. A few steps further on they unfold in a single movement and show off all their advantages.

Fontenay furniture offers comfort and enjoyment without effort. The perfect curving lines are not only a feast for the eyes. Each one of the solid teak slats of seat and backrest is shaped to accommodate the contours of human anatomy. The elegant sweep and polished surface of the armrests presents a tactile delight. The graceful but robust frames are equipped with a sophisticated, smoothly functioning folding mechanism, and the legs have foot-gliders to protect valuable flooring.

Halcyon days are here again – the season is open

Fontenay Collection

Arcadian interlude under serene skies

Let go and breathe deeply. Immerse yourself in a good book or follow the dance of a butterfly. Enjoy the moment far from the madding crowd. The garden does not have to be near water – armchairs reflecting colours of the sea, invoke a maritime mood even far inland. Times may be turbulent and so the place where things can settle and peace return, is all the more important.

Temper gives shape to this refuge. The elegant contours are an aesthetic promise fulfilled by pure comfort. All elements seem to flow effortlessly into each other – connections that appear to be made of one piece are testimony to precision craftsmanship. Anodised surfaces shimmer with a subtle, seductive radiance, and the cord, woven three-dimensionally onto the frames is a visual, haptic, and ergonomic experience. Even when life once again fragments in turmoil, the opportunity for the soul to find tranquillity and for shared happiness to last a little longer, waits – stacked up nearby.

Temper Collection

Masterpiece with a sense of family

The question of whether the dog is allowed on the sofa or not, very often calls for an immediate convening of the family council. As usual the negotiations take some time. However, in the favourite spot in the garden an agreement is quickly reached: the spacious lounge is the place where each and every one of us can feel totally at home. Where the idea of warmth and security is not simply a word, but a self-evident certainty. And where in every possible situation, the trusted family clan provides guidance and encouragement.

The design of Cavo is a superb expression of modern lifestyle. Classic, turned teak wood plays a graceful supporting role. The innovative cord, handwoven onto the frames, and the luxuriant upholstery contrast with an air of voluptuous comfort. Those who like to fully recline will be indulged: the classic backrests of the armchairs ensure a permanent feeling of wellbeing. The sofa, with arm and backrest merging at the same height, sets a stylish highlight. The coffee tables have tops that seem to float just a little over the frames, and evoke carefree days of summer levity.

By the way, wet dog paws are not a problem. The easy-to-clean weave and robust upholstery withstand the most severe of tests

Cavo Collection

Geometry of comfort

Perfection is not achieved by adding more, but when there is nothing more to leave out. It was not a designer who first said this, but the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, well known for his poetic view of the significant – and so, a single rose became famous. Less is more, is the way architects and other artists of the modern era most succinctly put it. This of course does not apply to the time friends give to each other. To heartfelt laughter in genial company. To carefree hours on a sunny terrace. These are the things of which we can never have too much.

Benton unites minimalism and wellbeing: clear design fuses function with form, and the constructivist design concept is pure joy. Geometrical lines develop sensuous qualities – such as the gently rounded rectangular shape of the side elements that are so pleasurable to touch. Stainless steel details set gleaming accents. Upholstery that provides resilient back support as well as comfortably yielding to every movement, requires no extra cushions. There is really nothing left to be added – except of course, lots of friends and plenty of time.

Benton Collection

Congenial and constant attendants

Enjoy summer without delay – on comfortable garden furniture. The sun lounger is at the ready, the armchair cannot wait to be occupied. Upholstery, cushioning, and plaids are still missing? How fortunate that the chest, guardian of such treasures, is standing close by. An extra cushion swiftly appears without anyone getting up. The pressure of one finger alone, suffices to open and close the lid. The mechanism, completely thought through to every last detail, even to an acoustic one, is child’s play to set in motion. The soft sound that is made by the gas pressure spring, makes the everyday procedure a luxuriously satisfying experience.

The weatherproof laminated wood of the cushion chest is sealed like the deck of an ocean-going yacht, and veneered with 2.5 mm teak wood. The projecting parts are made of solid teak. The elegant brass lock and fittings are as robust as they are beautiful.

There are many reasons for assigning the functional and aesthetically pleasing showpiece the prominent place it deserves. As required, it also serves as additional surface space for things like reading materials and refreshments.

In the evening cushions and upholstery are quickly stowed away – aired and protected from rain. Lid open, cushions in, lid closed. Very easy.

Cushion Chests