New prospects for comfort outdoors: here teak wood is used to great effect in an unconventional way. A stainless steel crosspiece gleams in a supporting role and comfortable upholstery is already integrated in the design of the armchair.

BENTON fixed

Modern armchairs create an easy-going atmosphere. Teak side elements elegantly frame the quilted seat and back upholstery made of quick-drying polymer fabric; a stainless steel crosspiece connects the purist construction providing welcome legroom. The curved bars that seem to hold the seat in airy suspension are also made of stainless steel. A brilliant idea: the connecting elements between the teak frame and upholstery allow the backrest to tilt as comfort dictates.

BENTON foldable

Daydreaming on the terrace or out and about in the garden. Anything is possible with flexible companions. In this version, Benton displays agility – the stainless steel crosspiece is a subtle interpretation of the folding mechanism. The armchairs are locked with slender handles on the side of the seats and folded, they take up very little space. The teak side elements and stainless steel crosspiece are also distinguishing features of the tables, as are the smoothly rounded slats on the underside.


Large or small, round or square – all Benton tables, with their characteristic, beautifully crafted teak side elements, await in equal measure. Polished curves, that also define the tabletops, immediately catch the eye and are beautifully smooth to the touch. Side tables can be grouped decoratively together or each in its own way, to be suitably obliging. They are particularly indispensable when it comes to holding snacks and periodicals ready to hand – for those quiet, personal moments.

Elevated company

Furniture in top form shows off its qualities, and not only when aperitifs are served: from early morning to late evening it proves itself in changing roles.

BENTON Bar Furniture

Barstools made of teak, stainless steel and modern fabrics stand ready for a breakfast for two, appear at the garden party right on cue and are the ideal choice for a balcony scene. A short rest supports the back, and the stainless steel bar between the teak side elements provides comfortable footing. Up to four barstools can be positioned around the square table that has a high stainless steel frame and teak top with pleasantly rounded edges.

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