Outlook for Spring 2020: the next generation of garden furniture announces itself with elegant contours and unusual colours.

A new type of cord – specially created for Garpa. Perfectly harmonising hues. Technical sophistication in every detail.

With ideas, sketches and collages, a new collection is taking shape in our company. Designs, structures, and materials unite in creative interaction. Temper is a modern furniture series that combines exceptional elements in a unique way.

What excites us: the armchairs and tables have aluminium frames with an extremely refined surface.

The anodised layer shimmers softly in nuances of colour that vary subtly with the angle of light and are evocative of fine champagne. Backrests and armrests of the stackable chairs have gorgeous woven cords. Their gleaming threads merge in palettes ranging from luminous sea-blues to softly washed pebbles. The high-quality material possesses exquisite ergonomic characteristics, is beautifully soft and, at the same time, perfectly taut.