The epitome of the classic garden chair: as timelessly beautiful as the historical models, but incomparably more comfortable. The Fontenay armchair and chair, made of powder-coated stainless steel and ergonomically shaped teak slats, offer superb modern seating.

Heritage reunion: the historical models for these chairs with the unmistakable curve were already timeless in the nineteenth century. Today they bring greetings from the Belle Époque to country and urban retreats, and create extra space with tables, benches, and lounge furniture. 

It is considered to be the archetypal garden chair, only today it is much more comfortable. With Fontenay, Garpa has perfected the original to fulfil the highest expectations.

The solid teak slats of the seat and backrest have been shaped to follow body anatomy, and gently rounded armrests nestle into the hand. Distinguishing features include the perfectly smooth folding mechanism and the frame made of galvanised, powder-coated steel. With their gracefully curved lines, chairs with and without armrests harmonise in both small groups and larger ensembles.


Fontenay Recliner

Enhanced support: pride of place goes to the recliner. With its extra high, three-point adjustable backrest, the recliner is perfect for a private cornerespecially with a stool for the legs and a side table for a drink. However, it is equally at home around the table and it is as easy to fold up as an armchair. Matching upholstery with a neck bolster provides extra comfort.

RELAXATION in its most beautiful guise

Two classic solitaires are an enticement to daydream, sunbathe, and enjoy moments of leisure. Lounger and deck chair unfold their special qualities in the quietest and sunniest spots in the garden – each in its own way. What they have in common is their legendary Fontenay comfort. 

Fontenay Barstool & Bar Table

Unconventional meeting at a high table: whether a morning rendezvous or an evening drink, barstools cordially invite you, and whatever the occasion it feels fabulous – thanks to the seats and backrests with teak slats perfectly shaped to the contours of the body. Robust struts made of powder-coated steel provide comfortable foot support. Both barstools and table can be folded with ease. 

The teak slatted tabletop offers plenty of room for four enthusiasts. Its top is bound in a frame made of black powder-coated steel – in the same elegant and indestructible material that gives the entire Fontenay family its very distinctive style.

UNFOLDING a summer feeling

When the evening stretches out after dinner, comfortable armchairs accomplish a seamless change of key. The outdoor salon is open from early morning tea till well after digestifs have been served. 

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