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A lifestyle rooted in tradition

Since 1979 timelessly beautiful garden furniture has been writing history. It all began in Escheburg. In our Company Headquarters with its windows open to the world. Responsibility, respect and reliability – Garpa transforms intangible values into exquisite garden furniture.

A collection

for discerning taste

Wherever you feel at home. Furnish outdoor havens in the country tradition or set modern accents: made of high quality materials, our weatherproof furniture will come to mean favourite pieces for life.

The appreciation of value enriches life

That which makes our  world worth living in, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, is  stronger than trends that will be forgotten tomorrow. The Garpa range harmoniously integrates advanced materials and innovative technologies in its collection of modern classics, wherever they serve ergonomics or provide even more comfort.

Therefore every new piece of furniture that we present has already proved its worth: in the meticulous selection of materials used, and in numerous design studies. The real 'evaluation’ however, takes place in the gardens and on the terraces of our customers – where it will become an enduring companion for people who appreciate perfect and long-lasting craftsmanship.

“In times when values like durability and reliability are sometimes sorely missed, the number of people who devote themselves to the maintenance of excellence, increases.” 
Maren Köhler-Prehn, CEO

Resolute virtues

design & craftsmanship

Sustainable ideas for lasting values: furniture that retains its charm for generations fulfils contemporary expectations. Attention to detail characterises every design. Craftsmanship and innovative technology give it shape.

Exclusive manufactories

Garpa furniture is produced exclusively in small quantities in dedicated factories. Timeless design, sensitive use of resources, perfect craftsmanship and maximum comfort set standards and create a counterpoint to fast consumption.

One of Garpa’s secrets is the deep understanding of the natural grain of teak wood, the flow of which determines exactly where it will come to play its part in the design of our furniture. Already the cut of the selected wood creates the basis for our finely wrought traditional wood joints. The interplay of craftsmanship and knowledge of materials also makes it possible for Garpa to realise unusual forms that meet the requirements of modern design and comfort.

Our long-term experience also enables us to be supremely confident when choosing the most suitable surface treatment for each particular type of material.


It sounds self-evident, but it is in fact a fine art.


Enduring function

When our designers equip furniture with special functions, their focus is on stable solutions that are easy to repair even after many years. If an individual part, which has been damaged by external occurrences such as storms or water, needs to be replaced or even if a particular screw has been lost – we keep spare parts in stock for so long that we have been able to fulfil every request to date.


Why Garpa furniture is only available directly from Garpa

Right from the beginning, it has been our policy to make our collection directly and personally available and in this way, ensure excellent consultation and service – right up to speedy delivery to your home. Comfort which will accompany you from catalogue and personal advice to the enjoyment of life with your furniture.


Outstanding comfort with inspired details.

Plantation teak

an heirloom

For us teak is more than just a resource: it is a value which we wish to maintain and protect. This is why we have for many years now, been using wood only from plantations.

Evolved tradition

Teak is a gift of nature, its natural patina a seal of quality: like no other wood, it withstands rain, sun, temperature fluctuations and frost – without varnish or chemical surface treatment. Garpa uses material exclusively from sustainably managed plantations, which due to their continuous regeneration of wood mass, bind large quantities of CO2. As one of the first European companies to register for product chain certification (COC) in accordance with the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council® (licence no. C013733), Garpa was awarded the COC certification code NC-COC-016417 in 1998, which has since been renewed every five years following successful reassessment.

Information about origin and use of plantation teak

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Garpa FSC® Certificate

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Welcome to Garpa

We present our garden furniture collection in selected and lovely locations: in the countryside, on the outskirts of interesting cities and in the centres of important European metropolises.


Service & advice

Please contact our customer service, if you are interested in certain products. We will gladly provide detailed information on prices and delivery options pertaining to your country.

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