Haven on an open stage: between natural scenery, in furniture landscapes or in front of garden architecture, a top-class ensemble waits to indulge a discerning audience. Seductively comfortable designer furniture merges fascinating contrasts and textures, and also in solo mode, shows off its unique features.


Gracious hosts bow an invitation to a private soirée, welcome friends, and establish a sense of warmth and security. 

The repertoire is defined by a modern lifestyle, designed for people who are looking for relaxation and inspiration, who love opulence and like to interpret open spaces in an individual way. Italian designers have created a sumptuous and stylish ensemble exclusively for Garpa. Cavo celebrates its luminary appearance in an idyllic garden or on an urban roof terrace with self-assured aplomb. The collection with star qualities, converges on striking contrasts and unusual details. Finely turned teak wood incorporates classic aspects. Weatherproof cord, in graceful shades of grey and beautifully woven into a wonderfully supple and gorgeous covering, creates elegant splendour. Enticingly soft upholstery and cushions put the finishing touch to comfort.

Stainless steel caps set subtle accents.

The striking design provides scope for more – teak tabletops with their own aesthetic allure, appear to oat over the legs. Two sizes o er space for useful things and decorative objects. One rectangular, with cofident width, the other square and compact.

The side table in the series holds drinks and snacks ready to hand for the front-row seats.

As required, in this respect, it can be specially positioned thanks to the unconventional design with stainless steel base and laterally placed leg, the top can be swivelled comfortably over the sofa seat.

Cavo Lounger

A new soloist enhances the ensemble: the lounger casually combines cosmopolitan ambience with the comfortable feeling of being at home.

Luxury and cosiness amiably share a favourite place.

The autonomy of the purist design is highlighted by the outside placement of legs that grants the reclining surface an airy overhang. Under soft upholstery, the teak slats of varying widths are comfortably shaped. The backrest offers six reclining positions, and the locking system is cut into the wood with precision craftsmanship. The bolster is held in place by leather straps. Further exclusive features are not limited to the legs – the axle covers and wheel arches are made of brushed stainless steel. Cavo loungers are stackable.

Cavo Seat

Whenever an extra seat is needed or there is a call for decorative accessories, the bench itself is an eye-catcher.

Pile up books, arrange flowers or sit on it yourself – the low teak bench is not at all confined to a single purpose. As an extra seat, practical storage space or a decorative object, it is suitable for diverse uses. Standing alone or arranged with other Cavo furniture, it adapts to the circumstances. The seemingly floating top, as well as the slender legs with their typical stainless steel caps, are features taken from the design of the tables.

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