Warmth and security have never seemed so light: a brilliant summer’s day, a lovingly laid table, and time and pleasure happily shared. Slender armchairs with woven cord contribute their natural charm.

The graceful stainless steel runners introduce a feeling of weightlessness that is echoed in the delicate cocooning seats.

The twined cord has a beautiful natural appearance; it is smooth to the touch and absolutely weatherproof. Its freshly vibrant hues, reminiscent of baskets and seagrass, blend harmoniously into the garden setting. Whoever is embraced by Amari, feels not only the soft cushioning but also the supple strength of the woven, double-sided backrest.

As if with a friendly gesture, the chairs issue an invitation to come to the table.

As if with a friendly gesture, the chairs issue an invitation to come to the table: the elevated armrests trace light curves and offer plenty of space for enjoying deliciously drawn-out delights. However, they are also precisely designed to be easily pushed under the tabletop later. Light filters softly through the linear woven pattern, the vertical struts of the double-sided backrests follow the inclination of the body and promise immediately tangible comfort. Tables in two sizes have been specifically designed for Amari. Their narrow tabletops made of synthetic resin or teak rest on stainless steel runners which have the same shape as those of the armchairs.

Amari Lounge

With such qualities it is not difficult to show class on a larger scale: sofa and armchair on runners, envelop guests in the double-sided comfort of woven cord.

The woven pattern also demonstrates its resilience in the  design of the lounge furniture – in two respects.

The back and sides merge, curving round at an even height, and are dual-layered. This creates eye-catching volume and an irresistible feeling of wellbeing. The ergonomic alignment of the weave on the inside conforms perfectly to the body, thus making the comfortable impression actually tangible. Thick upholstery and extra cushions augment the feel good effect.

For subtle accents, the matching lounge tables combine surfaces of either teak or synthetic resin with ceramic in sets of two. 

When sofa and armchair have long since taken up their airy positions, lounge tables quietly provide diversity. The set of two combines a higher table with a surface made of synthetic resin or teak and a lower ceramic table. Both tops have the same size. The asymmetrically rounded shapes allow for flexible and individual variation. The unconventional tables can, if desired, be placed together if the runners are aligned parallel to each other. A smaller, but higher side table augments the genial ensemble.

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