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CUSHION CHESTS, PROTECTIVE COVERS & Care Products Guardian spirits for the winter season

What should I use in autumn to care for my garden furniture? What kind of winter protection is recommended for my large cushions? And, how frost-proof are the Garpa planters? We have compiled answers to these and other questions in the following information.

AUTUMN in the garden

 The most lovely time of fulfilment – the harvest is a sensual delight and invitation to revel in the bounty of nature. Now, sunny garden days alternate increasingly with volatile moments, and remind us to get garden furniture and accessories ready for the colder season.

Here you will find essential recommendations for the care of your furniture during the winter months – in response to the most frequently asked questions put to our customer advisory service regarding cleaning, care, and storage.
We are of course, also very glad to be of help by telephone. You can reach our staff on 04152 925 200 or by e-mail

SEASONAL ACTIVITIES Cleaning garden furniture

In order to preserve the beauty of your garden furniture long-term, it is advisable to clean it before the start of winter to prevent dirt particles becoming ingrained over longer periods of time. Take advantage of a warm autumn day to remove dirt and allow the furniture to thoroughly dry out afterwards.

All Garpa garden furniture can be cleaned with green soap and a sponge, e.g. from our Care Set. Rinse off the resulting soap suds with plenty of warm water and a damp cloth or sponge. In our video, we clearly explain the individual steps.
If you want to store your garden furniture indoors, the tool shed, garage, attic or cellar are quite suitable for this purpose. The room should be dry and well ventilated.

COVERS Protection from dirt


Thanks to the high quality and well thought-out design, all Garpa garden furniture is perfectly suited for winter storage outdoors. During the winter months, you can additionally protect the furniture with matching protective covers.

The precisely tailored Garpa covers are made of PU-coated textile fabric that is stable, and washable up to 40 degrees. For Strandkorb, Newcastle, and Morgans Bay, we specifically use a PVC-coated polyester fabric with ventilation slits.

The furniture should be covered only when completely dry. Please also make sure that the protective cover itself, is dry. It is advisable in winter, even in sunny, dry weather, to remove the covers regularly to ventilate the furniture.

CUSHION CHESTS Shelter for cushions and upholstery

Even during the cold season, upholstery and cushions find a safe place in spacious Garpa cushion chests. For winter storage, the completely dry fabrics should be packed in cushion bags to prevent waterlogging and mildew stains. Garpa cushions are always delivered together with matching cushion bags. These can also be ordered separately on request.

Stack cushions and pillows only up to the lower edge of the ventilation slots, so as to allow for adequate air circulation. Please also ensure that the cushion chests are perfectly level so that no water is able to seep in. To protect against possible storm damage, we recommend locking the chests.

PARASOLS Well protected in winter

Take advantage of the last hours of autumn sunshine to let the parasol or summer canopy dry thoroughly when opened out. Residual dirt left over from summer, such as bird droppings on the fabric, can simply be brushed off dry. Make sure that the protective cover, too, is dry from the inside and outside to prevent the formation of mould staining.

During the winter months we recommend storing parasols and summer canopies vertically or horizontally in a dry and ventilated space. If you do not have these facilities, occasionally open the parasols or canopies on nice days so that they can dry out and air. You can then put the protective covers back on.

GARDEN SHOWERS and fountains

To ensure protection from frost damage, all garden shower connections and hoses must be drained in winter. To do this, pull the supply hose off the shower, open the handle and allow the shower to drain completely.

To ready the Noah Fountain for winter, it must also be completely drained of water. To do this, switch on the pump and with a bucket, siphon off the water to within a few centimetres. The pump must on no account run dry. Then remove the remaining water with an absorbent sponge or cloth.

The Hose Caddy likewise, should only spend the winter outdoors when completely empty or be stored in a dry place.

LARGE FURNITURE Beach Chair, Morgans Bay, Newcastle

Before over-wintering the Beach Chair, allow it to air out and dry thoroughly. All removable fabrics and cushions should then be transferred to a dry and well ventilated winter storage area. Set the basket completely upright before using the cover provided for its protection.

To avoid mildew stains in damp weather or in winter, the covering of the Newcastle summer canopy should not be used in addition to the protective cover supplied with the furniture. 

The upholstery covering of Morgans Bay is weatherproof and water-repellent. It is made of polyacrylic and is very hard-wearing. In autumn and winter, the upholstery should be removed and stored dry indoors.

OUTDOOR LIGHTS Gleam, Temper, Neva

The lower intensity and duration of sunlight in winter, as well as temperatures below freezing, can affect the performance of the batteries. As they might often be no longer fully charged, we recommend storing the solar lights in a dry and protected area.


The particularly resistant aluminium used for the Antony and Grenoble planters is absolutely weatherproof and reliably withstands moisture and permafrost. The double-walled sides with integrated insulation material also protect plants from light frost (up to max. -9 °C). At lower temperatures, it is advisable to place the containers in a bright, cool place (e.g. conservatory or greenhouse) or close to the house wall.

Detailed information on winter protection for sensitive plants can be found on the Planter product pages.

Small parts and repairs

If you need small parts such as gliders, screws or touch-up pens to repair scratches or colour changes, we will be happy to send them to you free of charge. Please contact us.