Dream destination and private retreat: the teak solitaire is a new interpretation of the beach chair – set to invite you on a luxurious voyage of discovery.

Stranding desired: a spacious private island provides all the amenities for making every summer day a source of good fortune.

There is plenty of space and upholstery for sitting, leaning back, and fully stretching out. The integrated canopy shields from passing glances, protects from sun or wind, and prolongs the season. In the blink of an eye, your home office is set up beneath it – in a relaxed atmosphere and with the very best prospects for creative breaks. An upholstered bench offers space for relaxing legs or for individual sunbathing.

The transition from sunny island to shaded refuge is designed to be extremely flexible: folded back, the canopy discretely frames the cushion landscape, opened, it curves over the private cove like a cocoon.

The airy design of the teak slats and elegant shaping of the back give the solid material an unusually light appearance. Newcastle is available as a two or three-seater, each with an upholstered bench that disappears under the seat – without cushions – when not in use. The teak tray included in the delivery dispenses snacks and drinks throughout the day.

Unconventional design 

As casual as a lounge, comfortable as a sofa, and as functional as a beach chair with protective canopy – a modern solitaire with multiple advantages.

Accomplished combination

The upholstered bench fits perfectly in the space under the seat and then the upholstery can be placed on top of it.

Luxuriously equipped

Upholstery, cushions and a teak tray are included in the delivery, as well as a protective cover. 

Helpful details

Stainless steel handles and the transport wheel set included in the delivery, make moving to different spots easy.

Newcastle Rack

For Newcastle to fully highlight all its endowments, the storage element Rack, in a combination of teak and synthetic resin, shows off some further merits. Wheels and protective covers for solitaire and canopy disappear inside it when not in use – and there is even enough safe storage space for a plaid or headphones. The reversed lid reveals itself as a game board.

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