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Favourites for life: one falls in love with some things on the spot and never ever lets go of them. It may be a wing chair with character or one of the new Hyde sofas with especially high backs – in which it is just so nice to withdraw.

Hyde Collection

A talent for combination is a pleasing characteristic – and true of our new favourite sofa. In the dining room, in flexible combinations of several elements, it elegantly accommodates small or large groups. As a solitaire it makes a focal point in the hall or sitting room.

HYDE Sofa Macadamia

Welcome to the club

Hyde, the modern club sofa in the colours Macadamia, Taupe or Carmine, is the ravishingly beautiful result of the collaboration between Garpa and the Bielefelder Werkstätten.

The sofa is confident enough to dispense with the expansive proportions of conventional lounge furniture. Instead, its moderate depth is an invitation to comfortable sitting in an upright position – at the table or wherever one wants to settle down. Hyde is as attractive as a solitaire as it is in a double combination.

Decorative, buttoned cushions enhance comfort – to be ordered separately.

HYDE Sofa Carmine

Charming hosts

With two armrests, the sofa makes a delightful spot for an intimate tête-à-tête in the sitting room. Each with an armrest either to the right or left, two Hyde dining sofas make an attractive pair placed next to each other at the table – as close together as desired – braving the gap allows freedom of movement without the disturbance of other guests. The half armrest, too, makes it easier to take a seat. Pleasantly high backrests ensure comfort – guests will enjoy remaining seated long after pudding has been served. The elegant Hyde sofas are covered with velvety synthetic fabric in Carmine or Taupe. The frame is made of walnut stained ash wood.

HYDE Sofa Taupe


When extra seating or a small side table, with tray, is needed, the versatile pouf can be moved around easily with the practical leather strap. In the Bielefelder Werkstätten it is half covered with the synthetic velvet fabric of the sofas - in Macadamia, Carmine or Taupe - the other half with matching aniline leather. Seams of corded leather around the seating surface add an attractive touch to the elegant pouf.

HYDE Pouf Macadamia

Alden Armchair Flanel

The inviting armchairs – individualists in stylish Grey or warm Beige – are produced in cooperation with Garpa by the masters of the Bielefelder Werkstätten. With their, for generations maintained, quality standard ‘Made in Germany’, and their uncompromising understanding of sophisticated craftsmanship, consummate design, exquisite materials and modern comfort, we are in complete agreement with the workshops in East Westphalia.

ALDEN Armchair Flanel

The hand-crafted wing chair is reminiscent of the classics of the 1960s.

Soft upholstery makes it irresistible. The furniture, available in Grey or Beige, has a covering of supple leather on the outside and pleasing cotton-linen fabric on the inside. The frame is made of walnut stained ash wood.

The matching Alden stool with its padded covering provides welcome leg comfort.

ALDEN Armchair Macadamia

Upholstered Furniture

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