Innovations Interior

From exclusive solid wood tables to festively gleaming accessories - the new products in our extensive range for interiors meet all demands for exceptional comfort, fine materials and masterful workmanship


Tavo Solid Wood Table

Dinner is served! An invitation that is responded to with particular pleasure, when the ambience promises great delights. The slender shape of the extending Tavo table offers a picture-perfect sight and plenty of legroom. The elaborate workmanship of American walnut is testimony to the admirable craftsmanship: a peripheral shadow gap makes the design appear delicate, almost floating, the legs are rounded to the inside by hand. The expressive grain and the distinctive inclusions of the tactile oiled wood make every piece a unique specimen.

Tavo Solid Wood Table

Teano Dining Chair

With its rounded backrest and soft upholstery in a blend of grey, cream and brown hues, the Teano dining chair offers all the comforts of an armchair – it even goes beyond: the swivel seat allows to get up comfortably, even if the chair cannot be pushed back from the table. The frame is made of American walnut. It is also available in various versions on request.

Teano Dining Chair

Fascino Mirrors with teak frames

Mirrors give rooms a new appearance, both indoors and outdoors. Beauty magically reduplicates. The mirrors are available in various sizes and formats and can be hung up indoors or outdoors. The high-quality teak frames are equipped with drip edges, but we would nevertheless recommend putting them up in a dry, protected place on the wall of the house or under the eaves.

Fascino Mirrors

Cendo Ceramic Vases

This is how accessories show themselves at their best. Favourite pieces get a twin; vases showcase flower decorations in their full splendour. Some vases are halved, but can be filled with water as usual. Mirrored, they become a well-rounded affair. Their flat back allows them to stand directly against a mirror. Magnets on the vase and behind the mirror keep the vases firmly in place.

Cendo Ceramic Vases

Bronze dogs Othello, Aristo and Elea

They are individual characters.
The canine trio made of bronze, available in an extremely limited edition of twelve each, was designed by the Hamburg sculptor Irina Wege. As a trained observer, the master student of the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg, captured them in perfect form in her studio and gave every single one a lively, animated expression in her studio.

Bronze dogs

Garvo Escritoire, Footstool and Mirror

A tidy house, a tidy mind: In this escritoire made of American walnut, this wisdom has taken impeccable shape. Two lateral drawers, a covered compartment in the table top with an opening for cables, a container for pens, a phone holder and a secret compartment accessible with a magnet offer the best prerequisites.


Cosy Accessories

Brilliant ideas for an exclusive ambience: high-quality accessories made of stainless steel, silver or crystal impress with clear shapes and cool elegance. Handcrafted solitaires set their unique accents. Our selection of beautiful objects to furnish and decorate. 



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