Its charm is legendary, its lightness unmatched: Loom furniture has brought enchantment to drawing rooms, conservatories, and verandas for over a hundred years now. Light shimmers through the fine weave, evoking memories of warm summer days and carefree hours. The graceful material is both delicate and strong.

LOOM Classic

Whoever is familiar with Loom, will have this image in mind. The filigree classics bring timeless charm to living rooms and conservatories. The frames, made of aluminium – in Nature silver-grey, otherwise with colour matched varnish – make the furniture even lighter. In a quiet corner for reading, the combination of armchair and stool is just perfect. The seat upholstery is always included in the price, and for all designs, decorative cushions may be ordered separately.



Dimensions of leisure: The low, wide seat is a comfortable start for putting your legs up, and the matching stool has just the right height. The furniture is available in Nature with silver-grey frames, and in Plain White with colour varnished frames. Thick cushions for seat and backrest provide ample support and are included in the price. Available in a choice of three different designs.


Globe Club

Extra-wide seats and firm, thick cushions guarantee the highest comfort. Globe Club is available in Nature as a solitaire, a two-seater with almost one and a half metres between the armrests, and as a stool. A side table completes the straight-lined Loom collection. Each piece is as beautiful on its own as it is in a group. Put together your dream ensemble – the armchair with padded stool, a sofa combined with its counterpart or an entire seating group. The large cushions are included in the price.


GLOBE Dining

For these chairs the natural coloured material is stretched double-sided, over strong, silver-grey aluminium frames. This lends the series, for Loom a rather unconventional, straight-lined appearance that harmonises perfectly in a modern dining room – whereby the warmth of the material creates a pleasant contrast in purist interiors. Dining chairs with and without armrests are predestined for seating at the table and can be freely combined. A seat cushion is included in the price.



With the backrest erect it is a light, comfortable armchair, with extended footrest, the ideal lounger for a favourite indoor place. Adjustable in four stages, the grand Chair gently transports its owner from a reading to a resting position. Two colours are available: Nature, with silver-grey aluminium frame, and Plain White. Firm, soft upholstery for the seat, backrest and stool are included with the Grand Chair – whereby padding in the head section provides extra comfort.


Loom Furniture

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