Pan Black Limited Edition

Copper and black.
Minimalism and pure comfort.
Design by Garpa.

Masterpiece strictly limited

Unusual materials, unconventional form, exquisite details – perfectly combined. The PAN Black Edition is strictly limited, worldwide, to 99 pieces.

For our Limited Edition we transform the familiar into eye-catching objects – with aesthetic appeal, special materials, and exciting colours. For a distinctive design – the signature of Garpa.

Pan Black

COPPER & black

Determined by contrast: cool black and burnished red converge, dark elegance encounters industrial chic. Powder-coated stainless steel, matt black synthetic fabric, eyelets and copper coloured foot gliders. A charged relationship culminating in outstanding harmony.

Work of art

‘In the case of Pan, it is the combination of materials that is especially attractive. On the one hand, indestructible stainless steel in the form of a fixed structure and on the other, a supple, body-compliant woven structure. The way the cords are threaded evokes the lacing and eyelets of a shoe.’

Christian Hoisl, designer

Pan Black

CRAFT & design

The smoothly pliable lacing of the purist chairs, meticulously threaded by hand, is as expressive as it is resilient. The high-quality synthetic material is weatherproof, UV-resistant, and retains its shape even when permanently in use. A powder-coating gives the stainless steel frames a velvety surface smooth to the touch.

Pan Black is produced exclusively in small workshops – in a limited edition and of superlative Garpa quality.