Letting go, and with all your senses indulging in precious leisure time and the fresh air: a new generation of teak furniture offers plenty of scope for enervating ideas. What sets it apart? Team spirit, of course. And generosity. 

Shared joie de vivre

Discover the design possibilities of the new Valencia corner bench and create spacious favourite spots for yourself, friends and family. Also, in combination with the armchairs of the collection, the modular system guarantees complete dining satisfaction. 

Enjoy with others: 

A bench at the table provides ample opportunity for family and friends to cosy up. And for those who think outside the box, further possibilities unfold. The seating arrangement remains flexible, switching back and forth is allowed. The teak corner bench is reminiscent of traditional cosiness without nostalgia. Valencia armchairs and benches were the inspiration for the design. Handcrafted in the traditional way, but variable in constellation. The modular system allows for more than one corner solution. Benches with and without armrests stretch as far as the longest extending table. For a smaller combination, two corner elements suffice. 

Designed for people with modern requirements in terms of  classic materials, and manufactured to the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship. 

Valencia furniture – chairs, armchairs and benches in minimalist design – is simple but present. And particularly spacious. Ergonomically shaped seat and backrest slats running crosswise, guarantee the comfort you have come to expect from Garpa. 

Matching cushions in warm hues enhance already superb comfort, an additional stool provides welcome relaxation for the legs. When the group thins out, the chairs can be stacked and put away to save space. 

Valencia Dining in detail

With an unusually lightweight appearance Valencia takes care of wellbeing. 

The chairs, armchairs and benches in a slimmed-down design, are particularly spacious and extremely comfortable – thanks to ergonomically shaped seat and backrest slats. Soft cushions with piping augment the warmly hospitable feel. 



Valencia Lounge

The lounge furniture of the Valencia series promises delightfully comfortable breaks and can be combined as desired. Create your own individual retreat outdoors. 

Valencia Lounge

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