In perfect care

Whenever the sun beckons  – the upholstery and cushions for loungers and garden chairs are already waiting to be unpacked. Cushion chests made of teak and synthetic resin keep everything handy, airy and dry.

Cushion Chests made of teak and synthetic resin

Teak Cushion Chests

Cushion chests combine aesthetics and comfort:

Out in the open, they hold the fort, defy the weather’s moods and whims, create elegant storage space on the spot, and save their owners annoying detours. A team of experts, all masters of their craft, has developed the cushion chests in sizes from S to 3 XL exclusively for Garpa, matching the design idiom of garden furniture made of different materials. Seat and backrest upholstery, lounger pads or cushions find their snug place within, stacked on top of each other or lined up on end – but in any event, in the best of care.

Aven Cushion Chests

On the outside slightly less wide and deep than the Garpa classic made of teak, inside as generous as ever: the weatherproof chest with teak frame and synthetic resin corpus is available in two sizes, and although taking up little space itself, has plenty of room for chair and lounger upholstery, as well as diverse feather cushions and plaids. The sophisticated construction guarantees a uniform airflow and a gas pressure spring ensures smooth opening and closing. Attractive detail: the lid insert made of naturally structured, grey synthetic resin is slightly raised.

Enduring character

We’ve done it. In the exclusive film, you can find out what distinguishes the flawless cushion chests made by Garpa.

Details at a glance

Diverse sizes

Our chests are available in eleven different versions. Their common feature is the considerable storage space. Choose the model that best suits you.

Superb materials

All components of the teak chests are made of solid plantation teak. The teak construction and the resin body of the Aven chests reveal an impressive framework story. All lids have drip mouldings and ensure protection even in heavy rain.

Lock and hinges

For the teak chests they are made of solid, high-quality brass and for the Aven models they are made of stainless steel – in each case they are absolutely weatherproof.

Firm stand

Height adjusters on the feet of the chests compensate for any unevenness.

Gas pressure springs

Finely adjusted, they facilitate opening and closing of the chest lid.


Vents in the side panels ensure an even flow of air inside so that the cushions are protected from mould and mildew.

Advantageous space

Roomy cushion chests keep all the treasures that make sitting out on garden furniture really comfortable. Now there is even one that welcomes you to take a seat and relax – our exclusive chest seat.

Aven Chest Seat

Unconventional: the combination of a supporting frame made of warm-hued teak and intervening panels made of synthetic resin with the appearance of grey stone tells an entirely new story. The surfaces have a light, natural-looking finish. The slightly lower lid and matching cushions ensure comfortable seating. Perfect ventilation, reliable protection from moisture, a gas pressure spring for effortless operation, and a practical locking mechanism – the storage furniture for cushions and accessories has everything that a versatile chest requires.

Cushion Chests

Teak & Aven