Innovations of the Garpa Collection 2022

We open the season with an exclusive ensemble: flexible furniture made of modern materials and in new designs, augments the Garpa range, versatile accessories create further possibilities. An overview of our innovations ...

Pan Fabric Armchair

Exciting sequel to a success story: graceful Garpa classics present new materials for a modern summer fairytale. Pan’s stainless steel frames guarantee robust parameters for the shift in style. The weatherproof fabric covering interprets the iconic design in a surprisingly different way.


Cavo Lounger

Soft landing for lovers of details. A new soloist enhances the ensemble: the lounger casually combines cosmopolitan ambience with the comfortable feeling of being at home.


Planters Antony & Grenoble

Mobile starting point for putting down roots: planters of refined beauty and quality appear like natural phenomena. Their stylistic perfection will give pleasure for generations to come.


Derry Lounger

Whoever climbs out of the pool dripping wet, has found the right spot – even without drying off. Water simply rolls off the lounger fabric. Lightness and stability – Derry possesses both.


Newcastle Rack

For Newcastle to fully highlight all its endowments, the new rack, in a combination of teak and synthetic resin, shows off some further merits. Wheels and protective covers disappear inside it when not in use


Temper Teak Tables

Temper tables have straight edges and round corners. A new variation combines the shimmer of anodised surfaces with the natural appearance of teak.


Plaids New Collection

Luxury in profusion: precious fabrics made of soft wool and fine cotton delight aesthetic taste. Body and soul feel indulged.


Arles Tableware

Rhapsody in grey: the elegant tablecloths, napkins and table runners of the new series, have a lovely soft, slightly grainy feel.



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