ATTRACTIVE game of hide-and-seek

Private spaces, hidden corners: even outdoors not everything needs to be conspicuous. A screened view can be as intriguingly mysterious as it is practical.

Fontenay Trellis

Decorative screen: the ornamentation of the Fontenay climbing support is inspired by the floral beauty that abounds in the garden. Different elements made of strong and weatherproof aluminium that is powder-coated in black, invite flexible use and creative combinations. They can be integrated with plant containers or – supported by poles and securely joined together – they can be placed next to each other or can stand on their own. Mounted against facades, they highlight gorgeously blooming plants or discreetly veil less attractive spots behind dense foliage.



Flower Show

High time for flowering abundance on terraces and balconies: in elegant containers the gardener prepares the ground for splendid blooms.

Harwich Planters

Discreet ornamentation, and decorative irregularities in colouring and surface structure contribute to the charm of the handcrafted Harwich plant containers made of reddish clay. Four small supportsare included in the delivery.

Burano Planters

Unique pieces: each plant container is shaped by hand from clay and comes out of the firing kiln as an unmistakable original. Matching saucers in two sizes are available for the round Burano pots.

Savona Planters

As variable plant pots in two sizes or as a higher partition, the Savona containers create very attractive accents in the garden as well as on the terrace. The material – fibreglass – makes them extremely light; the finish gives the surface the natural appearance of Travertine.

Gardener's Favourites

Geometric shapes and beautiful plants: decorative climbing supports and practical plant ladders offer garden beauties delightfully diverse prospects for upward mobility.

Normandie Plant Ladder

Leaning against a wall or free-standing with a mounting set, the plant ladder made of teak allows the horticultural darlings of the city and balcony gardener to virtually rise above themselves. In four boxes made of graphite-coloured aluminium, smaller shrubs and flowers can be grown and kitchen herbs kept ready for picking

Kew Garden Obelisk

The free-standing climbing support made of plantation teak, sets a real highlight in the garden. The hundred-year-old design comes from England and continues to be very much loved to this day. With its impressive height and robust wooden construction, the Kew Garden obelisk is particularly suited for larger climbing plants.