Exclusive lounge furniture for the garden in a new format: armchair, two- and – three-seaters, and matching tables with a pleasant height, ensure a relaxed atmosphere. The series is augmented by a lounger, which as a solitaire, is sure to quickly become a favourite.

Informal lifestyle: an unconventional design combines the style of classic seating groups with the ampleness of modern lounge furniture. It all adds up – perfect for dinner or simply for an espresso.

The series has exactly the right dimensions to elegantly eliminate the usual separation between eating and relaxing. The two and three-seaters have the same airy grace as the armchairs and their height corresponds with that of the table. This is slightly lower than a conventional dining table but it fulfils the same purpose. After a meal it is a simple matter to lean back and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. For the furniture, a soft and supple, natural-coloured polyester cord is woven onto powder-coated, smoothly brushed frames made of aluminium.

The woven sides of the frame hold the deep seat in a firm embrace and endow the airy furniture with an unassuming elegance. The cushions are agreeably thick – plain-coloured for the seat and patterned for the backrest.

While the casual seating furniture remains companionably grouped around the table, the solitaire makes its move into the sun. 

The frame of the Casablanca lounger, made of powder-coated aluminium, is covered in closely woven, weatherproof polyester sling. It is already comfortable without upholstery, but if required, cushioning and neck support are available to make it even more so.

The broad edge to the side of the reclining surface, gives the lounger its distinctive appearance as well as providing a decorative space for bits and pieces. Here, the softly gleaming cord, that is the special characteristic of the seating furniture, is hand-woven onto the frame. Sunglasses, a book or refreshments can be kept conveniently within reach. An extra, special space can also be created with a perfectly fitting, stainless steel tray -– to be ordered separately.

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