They are with you beside the pool, they follow the sun and move closer to the sea: supremely flexible, foldables have firmly established themselves outdoors. Modern in design and easy to handle, the success model shows off its best qualities.

Mobility is the ability to adapt to change:
to find a new place or choose a different position.

Fulfilling exactly this purpose, generous teak armchairs can be easily folded up and opened again. They have their designated place on balconies and terraces. In a garden landscape they are a promise of unrestricted mobility. And on an outdoor ramble complete with picknick, they ensure stability together with tangible comfort.

A single movement suffices, and they unfold their charms: foldables have all the advantages of a classic teak chair – and what is more, talent for improvisation.

From shoulder height to the foot support, the side element stretches in an elegant arc. There is plenty of room between the armrests, and seat and backrest trace a gentle curve. Soft upholstery, and feather cushions, if desired, are to be had in beautiful colours and patterns. When closed, the armchairs are quite slender. And should surprise guests arrive, a few extra chairs are quickly conjured up. The round and square tables, foldable like the chairs, were specially designed for this series, and come along when needed. But teak tables in fixed sizes are also a fitting counterpart for foldables.

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