Lamp Collection

The stylish lamps are in themselves eye-catchers, but they softly highlight the carefully chosen furniture, placing it at centre stage. The indirect illumination creates a mellow atmosphere and sets the scene for leisurely and romantic moments at home. The elegant table and floor lamps are available in various designs that harmonise with and accentuate different interior styles.

TRIVET Floor Lamp with light source

One, two, three: on its long, slender legs made of wenge-coloured beech wood Trivet stands firmly in the world of comfort. The shade made of pale/creamy white chintz creates pleasant reading illumination.

TRIVET Floor Lamp

INDRA Table Lamp with light source

Play of light: the delicate hexagonal patterning of the glazed ceramic surface cerates a soft shimmer. The shade made of pale vanilla-coloured chintz harmonises with the sandy beige hue of the lamp base.

INDRA Table Lamp

GRETA Table and Floor Lamp

Light design: mount and base of the dimmable standard and table lamps are made of shiny chrome and the shaft is covered with a black fabric. The natural coloured chintz shade gives the lamp an elegant touch.

GRETA Floor Lamp

CURVE Floor Lamp with light source

Feet firmly on the ground: the base of the Curve floor lamp is quite content with a place on the periphery; while the slim arc of the stand, made of varnished iron, reaches out into the room.

Wherever it is directed with its grey-brown linen shade it provides perfect reading light, and at the same time, unobtrusive general illumination.

CURVE Floor Lamp

VETRO Table Lamp with light source

Éminence grise: the large Vetro lamp is reminiscent of the elegant style icons of the 70s. The smooth wave structure of the expressively curved body captures the light, plays with it, and throws it back in magical facets.

The smoky-grey glass is hand crafted and rests on a gleaming narrow base made of nickel-plated stainless steel. The large round shade is covered with grey chintz and is glare-free. The fitting is made of brass.

VETRO Table Lamp

CERAMICA Table Lamp with light source

Graceful form: the drop-shaped lamp is a perfect example of elegantly understated design: The beauty of the ceramic corpus, manufactured in a Portuguese workshop, is further accented by oak wood elements. The linen shade is glare-free.


Samba Lamp

Versatile: these modern standard, wall and table lamps have a partially flexible arm that can be elegantly adjusted into the desired position. The warm white LED provides a pleasant light.

SAMBA Floor Lamp


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