Bronze dogs exclusively for Garpa

Dogs live in the moment. But this adorable bronze pack is made for a small eternity.

Dogs are extremely lively creatures. Even the Hamburg sculptor Irina Wege rarely has them remaining in one pose for long. As a trained observer, however, the former student and master student of the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg, has the gift of storing impressions in detail, delving deep into their innermost nature and capturing it in its perfect form in the studio



Gender: male
Size: 14 x 9 x 5 cm
Coat colour: bronze
Character: cheerful nature

Bronze dog Aristo

Irina Wege modelled the dog trio in characteristic postures in wax, had them cast in bronze in a limited edition of twelve each and finely worked the raw castings until the three individuals gained a lively, animated expression.



Gender: female
Size: 11 x 5 x 5 cm
Coat colour: bronze
Character: sun worshipper

Bronze dog Elea

Bosom friends: Aristo, Elea and Othello also remain still long enough to be admired and touched time and time again.



Gender: male
Size: 12 x 9 x 4 cm
Coat colour: bronze
Character: adventurer

Bronze dog Othello

Silver treasures

The Hamburg-based artist Jan Wege is a master of an old craftsmanship.

Make a wish

Individual form language is a trademark of the Hamburg artist Jan Wege. Ever since his childhood, the silversmith, who also works with gold, tombac, iron and stainless steel, has been fascinated by port facilities and industrial buildings. These archetypes are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which he interprets in his very own unique way. Playful details disrupt straight lines, yet he prefers geometric-architectural forms and minimalist austerity. Despite their sculptural appeal, his works - jugs, tins, cups, warmer, candlesticks, vases - are intended for everyday use. Upon request we offer napkin rings from Jan Wege's workshop.

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